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L_J__Personal_PicThe Great Commission Bible College Vision is to offer the best courses helping the student to prepare for the Ministry. Our mission is the Great Commission. We expect to plant many Great Commission Bible Colleges all around the world, hopefully in every city!

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in course of study with emphasis always on expanding the Kingdom one soul at a time. We exist because of the Great Commission and we are very grateful to our instructors who have made us what we are today.

We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can help our students prepare for the Last Day Harvest.

Formerly known as the Apostolic Faith Bible College. the name has been changed to better reflect who we are and what we do. The courses, goals and doctrine remain the same, only the name of the College has been enhanced.

The Great Commission Bible College is designed to push the Great Commission forward and is dedicated to providing quality education to students from a broad spectrum of educational, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds.

Our goal is aimed at offering education that doesn´t just inform our students; to us, education has always been a mind, body, and spirit affair. By the time they leave our portals, our students are ready to take up their responsibilities in their chosen professions, prepared at a level that can only be called ordained of the Lord. Many graduating students open GCBC Distant Learning Centers in their community.

In 2007, Apostolic Faith On-Line Bible Institute was founded by Dr. L.J. Ehrlich. The name Apostolic was confusing to many and did not tell who we were or what we are doing, so to better identify our mission, the name was changed to Great Commission Bible College in 2012. Our enrollment has increased since that time.

Even today, with over 5400 students from 105 countries, we have an alumni that is active in helping GCBC grow! They are preaching, teaching the word and doing extremely well for themselves throughout the world They have been kind enough to credit GCBC as a significant contributor in their success.

The flag counter shown below shows the flags of the countries that have visited this site since January 1, 2011. You can view more details by clicking on the flag at the bottom of the chart. You can then print a map showing the countries where the visitation came from. Enjoy. Help us push the Commission into all the World for a witness unto Jesus. We are pushing, will you help?

As you can see, the sun never sets on the Great Commission Bible College.

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